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Boutique Development House

We are a boutique development house that provide bespoke software services. We are experts in the access control, biometric and 2D scanning device industries and have multiple products out in the field. We sell and support Android 2D Scanning devices, as well as the South African Drivers Licence Decryption SDK. We develop and build IoT projects. No project is too big or too small for us. Our services include:

  • Software Development.
  • IoT Development.
  • Sell and Support Android 2D Scanning Devices.
  • Sell and Support South African Drivers Licence Decryption SDK

Check out our latest product, solution, feature. With the use of Gate Keeper's custom workflow builder, you can create a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. In conjunction with Gate Keeper integration of the Urovo DT50H and Chainway C70T devices, fever temperatures can be captured on-device. Our Appointment Questionnaire can also be configured to complete all screening for pre-approved visitors.

Neutrino Technologies
Our Vision

Build long lasting relationships with our Clients, Resellers and Suppliers. Establish ourselves as the software development partner of choice. Enable our clients to outshine and outperform all their competitors.

Neutrino Technologies
Our Mission
  • Have FUN.
  • Stay focused.
  • Build lasting relationships with Clients, Resellers and Suppliers.
  • Always provide honest and reliable feedback to our clients.
  • Insource and outsource the best talent to develop our software.
  • KISS - Keep It Sweet Simple.
Parliament of South Africa
Outsource Logisitics
Digital Generation
Sefako University

Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper is a multi-tenanted Visitor and Resident Management solution. Gate Keeper promotes the participation of residents and employees, and also assist in safeguarding the premises from unwanted elements. The product can be used in any access-controlled estate, school or business park. All visitors entering the premises are inspected and electronically checked in. Using the latest 2D barcode technology, the Gate Keeper Scanner app scans and decrypts vehicle license disk and driver licence information. ID cards, temporary drivers’ licences and green ID books are also supported. To ease congestion, pre-approved visitors can be checked in by scanning a single or multi-entry QR Code. Gate Keeper also supports resident entry allowance by means of facial recognition.

  • Scanner and Communicator app.
  • Scanner app is device agnostic. We sell scanning devices or integrate the client's devices.
  • Real-time In Not Out query from the Scanner app.
  • Real-time Vehicle and Person checks.
  • Resellers onboard and manage their own clients via Reseller Web Portal.
  • White-label option for Resellers.
Gate Keeper


ClockSecureLite is a low cost, easy-to-use Time Attendance solution. It was developed specifically for schools to replace their existing staff attendance registers. The application supports Fingerprint, Facial, Card and QR Code recognition.

  • Easy and efficient way of recording attendance.
  • Easy to setup and operate.
  • Deliver accurate, printable attendance reports.
  • Eliminate buddy clocking.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Affordable.


OLog is a management application that was developed with our client, Outsource Logistics. Outsource Logistics is a boutique freight forwarding company. The application enables the onboarding of orders and manages them through to the shipping and delivery phase.

  • Web-based Management Application.
  • Produces Order & File documentation.
  • Management Reports.
  • Financial Reports.

Gate Keeper Asset Management

Asset Management is a standalone or optional module that is part of Gate Keeper. The module enables the client to import all their assets into the Gate Keeper. Timely audits can be performed by loading the data on the Android-based Scanner Gate Keeper app. All assets are verified capturing their condition and location.

  • Standalone or optional Gate Keeper module.
  • Import assets from external system.
  • Scanner app.
  • On and offline operation.
  • Accurate Audit Reports.
Asset Management


Check our Software Services

Web Development

We specialize in Web development using the .NET Framework, as well as .NET Core, utilizing JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery and DevExpress.

RESTFull API Development

We specialize in API development using the .NET Framework, as well as .NET Core.

Android App Development

We specialize in Android App development using Java and Xamarin.

iOS App Development

We specialize in iOS App development using Swift and Xamarin.

IoT Development

The Arduino and Raspberry-PI is our IoT platforms of choice. Our past projects involved WIFI-enabled relays and keypads, 26/34-bit Wiegand keypad and translation modules, access controllers, etc.

Software Consultancy

We do consultancy on software development, database design as well as Agile and Continuous Integration Tools (Team City & Octopus). We consider ourselves experts in the Access Control, Time Attendance, 2D Barcoding, Biometric Application industries.


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Pieter van Dyk

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Chanel van Dyk

Sales Consultant


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